Mike Conachie’s bike ride

Mike Conachie, longstanding and much adored Keeper at Combe Sydenham, is this May going to take part in the LARK Bike Ride Challenge. Those of you who have had the pleasure of his company know how dedicated he is to anything he chooses to take on, so please support him generously by donating to this very worthwhile cause! His Just giving page here.


Combe Sydenham

Nothing brings more pleasure than standing on the top of the Exmoor Hills on a warm evening in late July in a crop full of bees and butterflies

The four Estates managed by Angus Barnes and his team of gamekeepers are a fine example of how sporting interests can provide great benefit to the wider farm environment. Given the ongoing pressure for farmers to consider wildlife and in particular pollinators and farmland birds it is great to see the habitat improvement reaping rewards for all concerned.

The combination of annual (one year), biennial (two year) and perennial (several year) crops planted all work together to provide year round shelter along with the vitally important nectar for pollinators in the summer and seed for farmland birds in the winter.


Game Cover