Sporting at Loyton


The newly established and aspiring team at Stuckeridge offer a rich, dynamic variety of high-quality driven pheasant and an engaging atmosphere. In an extremely pretty Devonshire setting, this family owned shoot is quickly going from strength to strength.  These preliminary years under Loyton management have already made an impressive impact.  However there are ambitious plans for building the reputation of this small but growing, family shoot into something very special indeed.

Originally low on game crop at Stuckeridge we implemented an extensive program of planting upto circa 80 acres of crop and constructing 3,000 metres of pen. This has provided far more productive ground from which to present a varied and well managed mix of drives, both of quality and type – a fantastic all-round day that will appeal to guns and their non-shooting guests alike.

An infectious enthusiasm brings a new energy to the day. Steep woods of oak and Douglas fir flank the ‘Iron Mill Stream’ which nearby joins the Exe – your morning break will often be held in the fishing hut by the tributary, an extremely pretty setting across an old iron bridge – which brings great sweeps of soaring birds that one equates with the Exmoor area. On other drives such as Ash Cross the guns are lined up through the bottom of the cleave with the elegant curve of a steep Devon rise above; and over this horizon the glide of a bouquet of pheasants some 150-200ft up! Exciting stuff.  Other key drives include Grattens, Stoodleigh Moor, Larches and Iron Mill.

Stuckeridge has a lovely unostentatious atmosphere enhanced by the team of old friends that make up the loading, picking up and beating teams.  Home of the Llewellyn family, lunch in the house enhances the relaxed and private feel of the day.

Quarry: Pheasant and a handful of partridges from October to the end of January.


Aga produced feasts are served for lunch in the kitchen at Stuckeridge House where guns are kindly welcomed by owners and hosts Henry and Caroline Llewellyn. A beautiful view from the kitchen window overlooks the valleys you will have been shooting that morning, with elevenses taken in the riverside fishing hut. At Stuckeridge we try to present the classic shooting lunch, in keeping with a family atmosphere, serving venison, lamb, pheasant and ham pies, roast duck or goose, keeping it simple and serving with Sicilian style salads and good olive oil with homemade breads. At all of the shoots our morning breaks are celebrated! And we strive to use game as much as possible, presenting it in new and tempting ways – whether serving BBQ’d duck burgers from the back of a converted Land Rover and BBQ trailer or proffering Scotch quail’s eggs, pheasant goujons, rabbit and venison rillettes…these inspired break time treats are always welcome.