Sporting at Loyton


25 Top Shoots – The UK’s best birds (Shooting Gazette July 2014) 

“Combe Sydenham presents a series of strong flying high pheasants which test out the best team of guns…you are in expert hands here. The family also run Loyton Lodge which is one of the best purpose built shoot lodges in the country.”

“Haddeo, along with some select others, is one of Exmoor’s most revered shoots..”

Haddeo Heroics (Fieldsports, Summer 2013)

“I have been trying to shoot with Angus Barnes for a number of years. The West country has  more than its share of famous shoots and Haddeo/Loyton, Combe Sydenham and Challacombe are in the premier league.”

“These were excellent pheasants and partridges. Perfect birds: challenging but not totally impossible.”

“St. Pauls, Haddeo’s most famous drive, was the single greatest pheasant drive I have ever experienced. In fact, it was the single greatest drive of my life.”

“This was as close to a perfect tall bird day in Britain as one is ever likely to see. What birds they were!”

“Alan Floyd (headkeeper for Loyton/Haddeo) is definitely one of the best keepers in Britain”

“Loyton Lodge is a first rate place: fantastic food, most accommodating staff….indeed, I have rarely, if ever, had better food at shoot lunches and dinners than here.”

Britain’s 50 Great Shoots – Gold–medal birds to challenge the best (The Field, July 2012)

“Challacombe is an exceptional Exmoor partridge-shoot. Expect top-class hospitality and attention to detail in every department.”

“Combe Sydenham is one of the Angus Barnes-managed vibrant stable of shoots. It is an old fashioned shoot with 22 drives, steep valleys and coastal winds to test the most experienced shots.”

Loyton/Haddeo: “If you want a mind-blowing day, do two drives at Loyton and two at Haddeo. Pheasants only, this shoot has seriously high birds.”

Britain’s 20 Best Shoots (Shooting Gazette July 2012)

“The quality of the birds at Combe Sydenham is straight out of the top drawer.  Steep narrow gorges allow for tremendous high pheasants and a feeling of private seclusion”