Sporting at Loyton


“Entry in The Field’s Top 50 Shoots, 2012 [under Challacombe entry]”

Family origins ensure a warm welcome at this vibrant and exhilarating partridge and pheasant shoot situated in the heart of the Exmoor countryside. In beautiful surroundings Edgcott offers a good mix of testing drives from a fascinating topography.

The Edgcott shoot began as a small pheasant shoot some 25 years ago, established and overseen by estate owner Linley Williams. These family origins set a precedent which has endured, bringing a very special atmosphere to this extremely impressive and convivial Exmoor shoot, famous today for its spectacular driven partridge.

Angus became involved with the shoot in 2007, recognizing the demand and potential for establishing partridge in addition to pheasant at Edgcott. Linley preserves the character and personal standards of the shoot and will be out hosting the days on a regular basis.  Coveys of partridge and pheasant are flushed out to spectacular and stimulating effect; flying with grace and speed, these high birds are a pleasure to watch and a challenge to bring down.  Guns find themselves in a mixture of surroundings from moorland edge, wooded valleys and open fields.  The views throughout the day are impressive for even the seasoned shooter and lover of all things Exmoor.

Although a sizable operation Edgcott has a comparatively reduced programme to some of the other Exmoor shoots.  This enables us to produce days of a conservative size through the whole season broadening our market and offering the opportunity to shoot on Exmoor in November and December to a wider audience.

Quarry: Partridge and pheasant days from mid-October onwards to the end of January.


Lunches are served back in the shoot lodge – a simple, elegant conversion looking onto the farmyard, which has a continental feel to it. On the warmer days, sitting out in the yard, which acts as a suntrap, you could almost be abroad.  Tapas style pre-lunch snacks with homemade salamis and Iberico ham, robust, flavorsome salads with padron peppers, suckling pig or spiced, slow cooked lamb. If lucky, you may be served some of the fresh goat’s cheese, handmade on the farm. In keeping with the early autumn weather – although not guaranteed! – breaks are often in shirt sleeves and shades with BBQ’d snacks (tiny, tasty pheasant burgers) from the back of the truck with its built-in bar.