Sporting at Loyton

Boundary Days

If you have a smaller budget but still want to experience the thrill of shooting on some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain the West Country has to offer, do consider joining us on one of our fun BOUNDARY days. As well as affording you the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of what goes on “behind the scenes” and spending some time with our brilliant keepers, these days tend to offer a larger variety of quarry than our full driven days.

Lunches are taken in a more relaxed atmosphere, often at the local pub and in the company of the entire team. A Boundary Day might just be the perfect way to introduce young shots to the field, allowing them to develop their skills in a less pressurised environment while at the same time instilling in them an appreciation for the huge amount of work that goes into creating a good day’s shooting.

For this coming season, we have put together the following three “options” for boundary days:

40-60 birds at £1750 (no lunch but soup & sausages) or £2000 (including lunch)
60-80 birds at £2450 (no lunch but soup & sausages) or £2800 (including lunch)
80-100 birds at £4000 (including lunch)

Please email for further details.