Sporting at Loyton

We are gearing up for the season ahead with some great changes and additions to our five shooting Estates. We have some fabulous new ground at CHALLACOMBE where we will also be adding a mix of pheasant to augment our challenging partridges. If you want to be beaten this season then this might well be the estate to do it. Earlier the bags will be larger but we are happy to offer smaller, mixed days as the season goes on. Otherwise HADDEO, COMBE SYDENHAM & STUCKERIDGE continue to develop, the latter with several exciting new drives planned.

There is a little availability on all our shoots for both a full DRIVEN and also to join our popular ROVING syndicate days. Here you can take a single gun (or more) in the line and enjoy a great day without committing to a full line. Otherwise for a smaller budget do consider one of our fun BOUNDARY days.