Kitchen at Loyton


ROnnie Cockett – Head Chef at Loyton Lodge

We are delighted to welcome Ronnie Cockett to the Loyton Estate as Head Chef of Loyton Lodge.

Ronnie has a passionate yet humble approach to fantastic food – he simply wants his diners to love what he cooks for them.  Traditional in his treatment, classic in his training Ronnie looks to present beautiful, uncomplicated dishes that allow the ingredients to ‘sing’ for themselves.

Entering into the RAF at a very young age it was here that he was taught and mastered the essential skills before going on to travel, train and work in a variety of different kitchen environments, always inspired and spurred on simply to cook.   He thrived in and most enjoyed the private house sector where he was able to harness his innate creativity and conjure menus with the freedom of a more direct response to the ingredients. He loves to create something special or new for a house party gathering and he therefore comes to Loyton with the perfect chef’s attributes to create your bespoke menus.

Ronnie has a wide repertoire and enjoys presenting a simple one-pot supper served from the table just as much as a refined gourmet menu.  Whether you are wanting a simple supper for two or a feasting-style menu for 100, Ronnie will be the perfect person to make this happen for you.